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Testimonials of GenF20 Plus®

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If you send in your photos showing you before and after progress with good results and they get selected for our web site usage, they will send you a one year supply of GenF20 Plus® free of charge. It’s an amazing deal for anyone with great results!

Yes, you read that right.

This is how it goes: you get GenF20 Plus® and after that, you take photos of yourself showing your whole body and figure, while holding the GenF20 Plus® product next to your head. One more photo is needed to fit the criteria, and that is holding GenF20 Plus® next to your face in a more close-up fashion. To verify that the photos are authentic and of real people and clients, they require a full figure, full-body photo. However, they will likely only post photos of your head and the surroundings.

After that, upon expiration of the 90 days of using GenF20 Plus®, you should take one more full-body picture while holding GenF20 Plus®, and one more close-up of your face with GenF20 Plus® next to it or in its proximity. Next step is to send the photos to them with a hand-written review as well as your full name and address.

If you become the lucky winner and get to be on the official GenF20 Plus® website, you will receive a release form which you need to authorize and send back. This form will be used to authorize your pictures showing the “before and after” progress as well as your review for the website. If you get chosen, you get a FULL YEAR’S WORTH of GenF20 Plus® supply free of charge!

Please use the following address to send in your “before and after” photos as well as hand-written review and stories:

Leading Edge Health
c/o 129 Roweland Drive
Johnson City, TN
United States of America

This is just a fraction of what some of our thousands of happy clients had to say about GenF20 Plus® and their experience taking it:

“GenF20 Plus® is the most amazing product I’ve ever tried!

I’m David and I want to share my story and testimonial with you. I have started taking GenF20 Plus® about one month ago and it’s the first time in 8 years that I have not felt the need to take any other sinus medication. I have been on pseudoephedrine medication for 8 years now and since starting GenF20 Plus® I do not need for it anymore. It is kind of a miracle that I stumbled upon this amazing product. It is hard to describe just how healthier and more active I feel since taking it. Seriously, thank you so much. I hope that you keep this product just as it is, don’t change it. It’s perfect as is!”

David F. from Australia

“My sex drive has increased as well as my energy levels!”

“Since taking GenF20 Plus®, my hair, my skin, my nails are all looking much healthier and it’s easy to see the improvement. The amount of cellulite on my inner legs is nearly gone, and that’s an issue that I’ve been trying to tackle for a long time. My energy levels and libido increase is amazing. I do recommend GenF20 Plus® to every single one of my friends and family. Even my mother started using it and is having great results fighting her bronchial asthma!”

Sylvia D. NY

“I am never buying another face cream ever again!”

 “The amount of money and energy that I have spent on face cream after face cream trying to combat the aging issues that I’ve been having is way too much. After trying GenF20 Plus®, I feel that I have great results for the first time. And it’s not just me; the amount of compliments I’m getting is surreal. Thank you for this product, it’s a godsend!”

Karen B. GA

“It’s a product that I always recommend to my patients!”

Dr. Hill, Jeff, MA, DPT, CSCS“After discovering GenF20 Plus® recently, I have already started getting great results among my patients. I am often the person that is asked about nutrition and recommendations, and this is the only product that I can safely and freely recommend to by athletes and regular patients. It can be used as a tool for rehab and to improve performance!”

Dr. Hill, Jeff, MA, DPT, CSCS

 “I forgot what it’s like to be sick!”

“To keep it simple and short – I have forgotten what it feels like to get the flu or a cold since jumping on this HGH product”

Doug G. WI

 “I feel about a decade younger, and I look that way too!”

“My libido has not only increased, but it’s very noticeable if you know what I mean. My energy levels are through the roof. I seriously feel about ten years younger!”

James B. FL

“It’s a product that helped me through depression...”

“In the beginning when I just started taking GenF20 Plus®, I nearly instantly felt the results in the area of energy, I was getting more and more active and I thought that was all. I couldn’t be further from the truth. After that, I started losing fat and gaining muscle mass at the same time. This led to an amazing psychological change. It’s a product that not only do I not regret buying, but it is here to stay!”

Joseph G. Massachusetts

 “More muscle mass, more energy!”

“I have been using GenF20 Plus® for 30 days approximately at this point, and the changes in my quality of sleep are impressive, I sleep like a baby. Before GenF20 Plus® came into my life I was lucky to get 4 hours of sleep for the whole night. I’m so grateful for GenF20 Plus®. Just keep doing what you are doing and I am sure to stay a loyal customer for life.

Robert G.

 “Everyone says I don’t look a day over 35… Little do they know I’m 50!”

“The concept of aging and age, in general, has always been terrifying to me, as I think is for most of us. Becoming old, inactive and unattractive is a struggle for me to comprehend. However, since turning 50, I started using GenF20 Plus®. It’s a lifesaver.”

Jud V. NY

 “I look 10 years younger, minimum!”

“During my heyday, I was an actress and an attractive model. As someone whose career depended on looks and beauty, I tried to protect it at all costs. Nothing worked. Until GenF20 Plus® that is. The changes and improvements that I’ve received in the first few months of use are astonishing. They say I’ve shaved 10 years of age off my face, at least!”

Liza S. WI

 “My hair is looking better and better. Thicker and more colorful too!”

“I’ve reached the levels of energy and fitness that I once had using GenF20 Plus®. I have also noticed that my hair is getting more and more colorful and less grey. It’s getting thicker too, nearly to restore to its former glory days!”

Mark H. OH

 “I am finally getting shredded without dropping muscle mass!”

“GenF20 Plus® has become a staple in my life, since making a notable difference in my bodybuilding efforts. I am finally able to drop fat and gain muscle all at the same time. It feels so much better!”

Cory V. TX

“It’s a product that I always recommend to people”

“Is there anything worse than feeling old on weak? Accepting this as my fate is a difficult task to handle. So I tried a different approach and fought it. Never imagined I’d be this successful. My life is a different story now. I feel like GenF20 Plus® is a secret sauce to graceful aging!”

Josh L. MA

“It feels like time is going backward!”

“Modern times, work, family and stress, in general, have taken its toll on me. And it’s showing. My face and body are a prime example of that. So I decided to fight back and find a way to combat this issue I’ve been having. A friend recommended it to me and I was skeptical at first but after just a month, the results of my therapy are unbelievable. I’m looking better, I’m feeling amazing and I see no reason to ever stop using GenF20 Plus®. My only regret is that I didn’t find GenF20 Plus® sooner! Thank you for changing my life for the better!”

Marnie J. FL