Medical Proof GenF20 Plus

Medical Proof of HGH Therapy Efficiency and GenF20 Plus®

The effects of GenF20 Plus® and HGH Therapy have been researched as well as documented thoroughly, and have shown effects on our muscles, skin, hair, sexual health and brain function. This has been documented in several medical and scientific journals in general:

Dr. Lamm Steven GenF20PLus

Dr. Lamm Steven, M.D. on GenF20 Plus® 

“In my career as an author and primarily a doctor, I have always researched fresh supplements and new solutions which I could recommend safely to my patients to help them acquire a higher quality of life as they age, and that is exactly why I stand behind GenF20 Plus®. It is a 100% natural, powerful releaser of HGH.

I witness people getting older daily as a result of my work as a doctor. As we age, the delivery and production of human growth hormone (also known as HGH) decrease by a substantial amount which further affects the amount of muscle mass, quality of the skin and its elasticity and fat among many other aging side effects.

That is exactly why GenF20 Plus® still stands as a very potent solution and response to the aging consequences and side effects. Its goal is to help increase HGH production and bring them back to levels of a healthy young person.

It is this kind of stimulation of HGH production that will allow the users’ metabolism to increase which further affects weight loss and makes it far easier, gives your skin a younger and smoother look, but also increases one’s libido as well as sleep quality, all through GenF20 Plus®. In my experience as a doctor, I have seen plenty of products and solutions to combat the side-effects of aging and only a few works. GenF20 Plus® is certainly a product which I whole-heartedly recommend to anyone looking to improve their HGH levels and do so in a natural way.”

Dr. Hill Jeff, MA, DPT, CSCS on GenF20 Plus®

Dr. Hill Jeff, MA, DPT, CSCS on GenF20 Plus®

“My recent discovery of GenF20 Plus® has allowed me to witness some amazing results in my patients. It is often required of me to recommend nutritional products, and GenF20 Plus® is often the right answer.

GenF20 Plus® itself can be used by a wide variety of people, from athletes to patients in rehab. The effect is similar; it simply helps people reach their maximal health potential.”

Dr. A. Lepeley's GenF20 Plus

Dr. A. Lepeley’s GenF20 Plus® Review

As an expert in nutrition with years of experience in nutritional biochemistry as well as an exercise in general, Dr. Lepeley has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry of Exercising which she studied at the Trident University. Additionally, Dr. Lepeley specializes in the biomechanical/physiological area of libido and physical sexuality.

She has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in the area of Exercise Physiology which she studied at the FIU. She has been researching and working on improving the sexual potential by nutraceutical as well as dietary solutions for nearly 10 years.

As a highly qualified speaker, Dr. Lepeley has attended a plethora of conferences where she challenged the myths and misconceptions behind “aphrodisiacs” and other solutions for the enhancement of one’s libido. She has experience in working in various companies who produce libido enhancing products, further legitimizing those products by testing the results and working on their ingredients and efficiency. So her knowledge about HGH and GenF20 Plus® is substantial.


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GenF20 Plus® Can Wind Back the Time on your Face’s Age

“GenF20 Plus® provides people with possibly the only known anti-aging solution. The only one that works that is. The result leaves patients looking as well as feeling younger.

There are various creams, lotions, and oils on the market which swear that they can stop the wrinkling, sagging and sinking of one’s skin as we age. They claim to do this through various vitamins and acids, however, the results are simply not there. Only HGH Therapy such as GenF20 Plus® can wind back the time on your face’s skin.”

Dr. Klatz, Ronald

“Grow Young With HGH” (p. 116)

“HGH presents a highly efficient alternative in dealing with disorders of GH like GHD (Growth Hormone Deficiency) as well as catabolic problems and other age-related problems.”

Michael Ankersen, et al.

Drug Discovery Today, Volume 4, Issue 11, 1

November 1999, Pages 497-506

 “The results after using HGH (GenF20 Plus® ) for six months provide the user with changes similar to those which cumulated over the last 10 to 20 years in reverse.”

Rudman Daniel, M.D

New England Journal of Medicine

Improve your Quality of Life!

Dr. Chein over at Life Extension Institute studied 202 patients using HGH therapy such as GenF20 Plus®. The reports about significant life quality improvement are as follows:

Rate of Injuries Healing by
Rate of Wrinkles Elimination by
Rate of General life improvement by
Rate of Emotional stability by
Rate of Skin elasticity by
Rate of Back flexibility by
Rate of Muscle size by
Rate of Body fat Elimination by
Rate of Hot flashes Reduction by
Rate of Menstrual cycles Regulation by
Rate of Exercises Tolerance by
Rate of Hair regrowth by
Rate of Healing Capacity by
Rate of Skin thickness by
Rate of the duration of penile erection by
Rate of resistance to Common illnesses by
Rate of Skin texture, and Haircare by
Rate of Body muscle strength and fat by
Rate of Energy and level of memory by
Rate of Sexual frequency and function by

GenF20 Plus® is Highly Beneficial for one’s Physical Condition and Metabolism

“Hormone replacement therapy (GenF20 Plus®) which includes HGH has so far shown impressive results on renal and cardiac body functions as well as bone metabolism and thyroid hormone, secretion of sweat and physical condition in general.”

Dr. Christian and Dr. Jorgensen, Denmark

European Journal of Endocrinology, 1994

“Daily consumption and intake of HGH (GenF20 Plus®) can improve one’s metabolic status in the first period after trauma, which further decreases morbidity rates and increases the rate of early hospital discharges.”

Drs. Shamos, Ramius, & Schiller St. Joseph Medical Center, Arizona

May 1992, Journal of Surgery. Vol 111, 495-502

“There has been no evidence suggesting that Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy (GenF20 Plus® ) can cause harmful side effects in the long run”

Dr. Rosen and Dr. Johannsson G., M.D., Sweden’s University Hospital

Hormone Research, 1995

“Using HGH (GenF20 Plus® ) for just one week can provide significant results in the area of food consumption. The rate of which significantly decreases, as well as adipose tissue and plasma triglyceride concentration as shown on the rats’ test results.”

H Hozumi, Tokyo, Japan.

J Vet Med Sci. 2006 Sep;68(9):959-65

As people age they are

“At a higher risk of decline of their body’s functionality. Hence, a regular administration of HGH (GenF20 Plus®) orally in proper doses may improve one’s overall physical function.”