Let's Compare Different HGH Products Currently on the Market

If you want to supplement with HGH, first you should do a bit of research since there are different kinds of products and avoid scams or illegal products.

#1. HGH injections (synthetic)

HGH (synthetic) injectionsYou can only get these injections if you have a prescription written by a doctor. They can also be quite expensive, starting from $10,000 a year to $30,000 and more every year.

The injections are generally thought to be an effective way of fighting consequences of aging. But the cost that comes with injections makes them unaffordable to the average Joe or Jane.

Supplementing with injections is often very painful. You also must have enough money and time, and on top of that, you must find a person that is qualified to administer the shots. People that take HGH injections often have to go to specialized clinics for HGH therapies. And all that is quite inconvenient to say at least.

In some cases, people overdose with these HGH injections. And the side-effects are serious; fluid retention, headaches, resistance to insulin, gynecomastia, etc.

#2. HGH Releasers


GenF20 Plus®  is a dietary supplement that is known as an HGH releaser, and it can be bought without a prescription. It stimulates the body to raise the level of HGH on its own by producing and releasing more. Instead of injecting artificial HGH, the body produces more of natural HGH!

It is very convenient and easy to use HGH releasers. They are much cheaper compared to HGH injections. There are no serious side-effects when using releasers like GenF20 Plus® . It gives everyone a chance to experience the benefits of HGH.

No pain from needles. Not expensive. No doctors. No chances of overdosing.

There is one problem that potential customers face. Finding an HGH releaser that is effective and safe at the same time. That is why we started this section with the name GenF20 Plus® . This product was released 8 years ago and you find real testimonials online to see the words of happy customers!

#3. Homeopathic HGH

As a potential user, you must get familiar with stories about this form of HGH. It is a controversial topic, and many claim that it does not work. The medical community does not recognize its effectiveness yet.

So far, there has been only one clinical study done about Homeopathic HGH. It was done by the National Institutes of Health. But that is far from enough to get enough evidence for official recognition from the medical world.

The way it works: people should take small doses of artificial HGH 3 times a day, and that will stimulate the body to deliver higher levels of HGH by itself.

#4. Hormone Injections

Once it was considered a promising option. Nowadays it is considered unproven. It also requires you to get the shots for a doctor.

If you decide to take this road, you should know that you will inject GHRH. It boosts the levels of HGH in the brain. A study that was done in Baltimore has shown that injecting GHRH twice every day improves levels of IGF-1 and HGH in older men.

It is interesting but not very convenient and not to mention expensive. And most importantly it is still considered to be unproven.