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September/October 2017

Hello, Cicada Readers!


Welcome, dear readers, to our Hauntings issue. Read on for rattling chains, flickers of movement in your peripheral vision, disembodied whispers, and the sound of footsteps in rooms that should be empty.


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In This Issue: Fiction by Jason Joyce, Nino Cipri, Sarah Goldman, and Marianne Murphy. Nonfiction by Ashe Vernon. Poetry
by Cindy Song, Amelia Van Donsel, Ashe Vernon, and Kelsey Dean. Comics and art by Theo Ellsworth, Marnie Galloway, Amrit Brar, Mimi Chrzanowski, and Kaylani Juanita.


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Art © 2017 by Theo Ellsworth

This Issue Excerpts

  • Firefly Tree

    "When I was a kid, all the fireflies in the neighborhood lived in the
    same tree at the edge of the park, the only one with the branches low
    enough to climb."

  • For Anyone Who's Listening

    "The problem is, my gender is a language I cannot speak

  • Like the Swan Princess

    "I am always the wrong shape."