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Nov/Dec 2015

Boo! Our Ghosts issue is full of séances, summonings, and old-timey scientists investigating the spirit world. We’re also pumped to welcome our new Comics Crush reviewer, Anna Bongiovanni. Explore her haunted web comics roundup here. 

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In this issue: Fiction by Jeremy Sim, Alexandria Lenzi, and adrienne maree brown. Poetry by Ashton Saunders, Ann Cefola, Hannah Jarvis, Karen Rigby, Rebecca Dutsar, and MeeSoh Bossard. Comics and art by Marnie Galloway, Michael DeForge, Kara Sievewright, Fiona Avocado, Theo Ellsworth, Julia Gfrörer, and Yumi Sakugawa.    

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Art © 2015 by Michael DeForge

This Issue Excerpts

  • Alive

    by Alexandria Juliet Lenzi

    "They gave you a shitty funeral. Hands down, the worst I've ever been to--and you know how many that is." 

  • Just Come Knocking

    by MeeSoh Bossard 

    "Can’t you just come knocking / back with a sheet / over your head?"