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Nov/Dec 2011

Changes are afoot! This issue of Cicada® launches a brand-new feature entitled Week in the Life. (Scroll down for a snippet of Carl Napolitano’s week at the Iowa Young Writers’ Studio.) The November/December Cicada also features “Proximity,” a poem by Lafayette Wattles and “Ryumon-No-Taki,” a haunting Japanese tale by Joshua Gage. For our Expressions, Timea Porteleki relives her experiences as an au pair in London.

In "Christmas in the Desert" by Jessica Hanley Senn, Jane discovers that change is in the air when Dad's new girlfriend descends for the holidays. Even worse, she's messing with hallowed family traditions. Change is unsettling, and as Jane discovers, it can reveal underlying insecurities. But change also shakes us up and lets us see things in a new way.

Do you resist change or embrace it? Give it some thought and then go to and answer the Call for Creative Endeavors. Your Challenge theme: Change!

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