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May/June 2016

Hello, Cicada Readers!

This issue’s all about what we own and what we wear: the pleasures and perils of consumerism and the use of possessions and fashion to express identity, connect with cultural history, and signal community membership. PLUS, as this issue’s Census reminds us, words are a kind of stuff you can craft and sell (/monger). And hoard: in Old English poetry, a “wordhord” refers to a character’s speech.

In This Issue: Fiction by Tara Betts and Emily Devenport. Poetry by Fox Brown, Olivia Trollinger, ALok Vaid-Menon, and Elizabeth O'Brien. Comics and art by Inés Estrada, and Nicky Minus. Plus an interview with Hoda Katebi!

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Art © 2016 by Inés Estrada

This Issue Excerpts


  • Artist Allies: Sasha Velour

    "Drag and visual art can be really good for some positive utopian imagining: mourning loss, processing pain, and imagining a future of strength and beauty."

  • Artist’s Manifesto: An Interview with Hoda Katebi

    "The intersection of fashion and activism is quite natural—fashion is a powerful communicative and visual tool, and yet it is also responsible for much destruction in the world and endless exploitation of marginalized communities around the globe."

  • Cicada Census: What Sort of Monger Are Ye?

    Do you con the people into buying day-old fish, or would you rather spread vicious rumors about the town strumpet?

  • Comics Crush

    Anna Bongiovanni reviews comics by Hellen Jo, Alyssa Berg, Mary Cagle, Oskar Vega, and Evan M. Cohen.

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