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May/June 2012

The May/June issue of Cicada® slips into the realm of magical realism with "Milonga Fantasma," wherein a logical police officer finds herself in a nonlogical situation: a mysterious tango party hosted by a ghost. "Queens" is a haunting story about a girl and her father one memorable year in Queens, New York, while "The Red Cross Knight" retells the tale of St. George and the Dragon, only this time from the squire's point of view. (And you thought you knew the story!) Peek in on "The Tiger in the BSE," and you'll discover that even the most ruthless trader in the Bombay Stock Exchange longs for romance. Meanwhile, Nathan Harris reveals how to combat a ruthless case of acne (aka "The Reds"). And don't forget Meriwether Clarke's poem "Building Heaven."

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This Issue Excerpts


  • Expressions: The Reds

    by Nathan Harris

  • Tori Telfer

    Meet Tori Telfer, this month's Spot Artist Extraordinaire, who's pretty convinced that the world is 99% real and 1% surreal.