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March/April 2017

Hello, Cicada Readers!

Spring is on its way (well, not for Team Cicada on account of our headquarters being located in Chicago. It will never, ever, ever be spring and we're going to suffer forever, but please allow us this fantasy). In keeping with the season, we're celebrating green and growing things--new leaves, new beginnings, and unsettlingly sentient plants.

In This Issue: Fiction by R. L. Ugolini, Nalo Hopkinson, and Maria Dones, plus an excerpt from Girl Mans Up (2016) by M-E Girard. Poetry by Emma Camp and Julie Germain. Comics and art by Kelly Fernandez, Isabella Rotman, Corinne Mucha, and Anna Bongiovanni. Plus interviews with Girl Mans Up author M-E Girard and comics artist Corinne Mucha!


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Art © 2017 by Kelly Fernandez

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