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July/August 2017

Hello, Cicada Readers!

Defiance can occur on a grand scale—a movement, many voices crying out against injustice, a collective effort to dismantle oppression. Or it can be a quiet, personal thing—finding the will to live your truth, to celebrate yourself and your identity, to keep moving forward no matter what. This issue is a tribute to defiance in all forms, and to those who find the courage to resist the status quo.

In This Issue: Fiction by Darcie Little Badger (check out an interview with Darcie Little Badger here!), Anna Yeatts, and Julia Heslin. Poetry by Saira Ali, Snigdha Chaya Saikia, Anna Kelley, Ruth Dickey-Chasins, Cara Sennott, Alexandra Bosurgi, and Kayla Bashe. Comics and art by Kelly K, Cairá Lee Conner, and Anna Bongiovanni.


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Art © 2017 by Kelly Kwang

This Issue Excerpts

  • Echoes

    The thing that lives in the tunnel is . . . you are not sure. It is dark and it is cool and it breathes slow and steady. It has been there for a long, long time.

  • Letter to the Young Yaga

    Little ancient, where is your pestle /  and why do you wish to be a lady / of the court?