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January/February 2017

Hello, Cicada Readers!

We want to start off this issue by saying to all of our readers that we love you. Our readers of color, our queer and trans readers, our differently abled readers, ou readers of all faiths and backgrounds--we see you, you are valued, your experiences are valid. Stay safe, keep being kind to each other. Join us at if you need resources or someone to talk to.

In this issue we're exploring The Deep--dark ocean trenches, secret crannies of the human heart, far reaches of outer space. Take a deep breath. We'll take this plunge and face whatever happens together.

In This Issue: Fiction by Rene Sears, Jordan Taylor, and Jonathan
Schneeweiss. Poetry by Emily Dorffer, Sarah Hollowell, Amelie Daigle,
Rob MacDonald, Innas Tsuroiya, Lisa Fay Coutley, and Ashe Vernon. Comics
and art by Marnie Galloway, Becca Tobin, and Whit Taylor. Plus
interviews with Ashe Vernon and Whit Taylor!

This issue also features our annual Best of the Slam. Check it out for just a few highlights from the awesome work Slammers shared in 2016!

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Art © 2016 by Marnie Galloway

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