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March/April 2016

Comics Crush

Anna Bongiovanni

From web comics and photocopied zines to indie presses and NYC publishers, there’s an explosion of startling work in text and image. Each issue, Cicada asks one of our indie comics pals to point out their favorite new comics and zines. 


Swim Thru Fire
by Annie Mok and Sophia Foster-Dimino

Swim Thru Fire is a survivor’s tale. After a breach of trust, a mermaid regains power over their own body during a downward plummet through the ocean.  



Bird In A Cage
by Rebecca Roher

It’s OK to tear up a little reading this comic. This is a beautiful memorial to a restless grandma and a meditation on what comprises a home.  



by Ariel Ries

Who doesn’t love a thrilling story about a witch who is just TOO powerful for her own good? Witchy is an exciting read, but it’s the realistic characters that make this comic shine. 


Prospect Park Dusk
by Mike Dawson

All I can say is that this comic is such a trick and such a treat! A mom contemplates motherhood with other new moms, although her experience is a bit more complicated than everyone else’s. Read it alone at night for best results. 


Anna Bongiovanni is a genderqueer cartoonist who draws webcomics for Autostraddle and Everyday Feminism. They also spend a lot of time and money self-publishing zines and mini comics. You can check out their work at


Text © 2016 by Anna Bongiovanni