The Slam

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BulletsSakara, Fountain ColoradoMay 22, 20170
On Ultimatums and Happy EndingsPoetryShort_comedian, Aslan's CountryMay 22, 20173
ten things i should really be saying to you directly, dammit [TW: ED, vomit, self harm, ptsd]Poetryrewby, missing the person who made my brain safeMay 22, 20172
things i would say if you ever let mePoetryrewby, a place of healingMay 22, 20170
frozenCreative Nonfictionrewby, a place of healingMay 22, 20170
opinioncloudrunner, flyingMay 21, 20172
i know it's too late but god if i don't want to tryPoetrywoundedBirds, collarbone cityMay 21, 20170
To: NeroPoetrySweetSapphicMay 20, 20171
meditationsPoetrysound_thief, :)May 19, 20170
Thunder, Heat wave, and Dogs PantingPoetryX_of_Coins, In the Heart treeMay 19, 20170
CALL FOR CREATIVE ENDEAVORS: Twisted Fairy TalesAutumn, Cicada Associate Editor, CicadaHQMay 19, 20170
Untold horrors of writers BlockPoetryX_of_Coins, In the Heart treeMay 19, 20171
Steady DaysPoetryX_of_Coins, In the Heart treeMay 19, 20170
Tripping On Her (tw drugs)PoetryShort_comedian, Aslan's CountryMay 19, 20170
Alice In Wonderland and HypocrisyPoetryShort_comedian, Aslan's CountryMay 19, 20172
On Trust And Consent PoetryShort_comedian, Aslan's CountryMay 19, 20170
an exercise in falling in love with myselfrewby, a place of healingMay 18, 20175
write me a poemPoetrymahoganyMay 17, 20171
On Getting Mail From Hollins UniversityPoetryShort_comedian, Aslan's CountryMay 17, 20170
some thoughts on the fall of icarus & the importance of being softPoetry5monthsaghostMay 17, 20172