The Slam

SlammableCategorySubmitted byPosted onSlams
on young careful hands and broken glassCreative NonfictionwoundedBirds, i love my friends (read: i love all y'all)Jun 4, 20172
When Time Is Too ShortPoetryShort_comedian, Aslan's CountryJun 2, 20170
Fifteen Minutes to Midnight (Part 2b: Daisy b) (tw: drinking)MicrofictionLivie Indigo, LimboMay 31, 20173
Fifteen Minutes to Midnight (Part 2a: Daisy a) (tw: drinking)MicrofictionLivie Indigo, LimboMay 31, 20170
TrappedPoetryobscurelightbulbMay 31, 20170
ArtMicrofictionKnitFeathersMay 31, 20170
Please (tw self-harm)PoetryGlowInTheDark, lostMay 30, 20170
idk what to call this but it's a terrible feelingMicrofictionrewby, missing the person who made my brain safeMay 30, 20170
Fifteen Minutes to Midnight (Part 1: Lily) (tw: drinking)MicrofictionLivie Indigo, LimboMay 28, 20171
Questions of Love. PoetryImaginaryGirl TnTMay 28, 20170
untitled (tw eating disorder)Creative NonfictionwoundedBirds, collarbone cityMay 28, 20171
The unrequitorPoetrypoisedpetalpicker, forests of thought May 27, 20170
The Succession Of The Lone Grey WolfPoetryShort_comedian, Aslan's CountryMay 26, 20172
not to be arrogant, but i died for your sins. (tw: body horror, religion)rewby, missing the person who made my brain safeMay 25, 20170
LuckyPoetryGlowInTheDark, lostMay 24, 20171
finding the pain in the silence PoetryA Flame Colored Glowstick, nowhere interestingMay 24, 20171
Once Upon a TimePoetryabbydiane, CO/USMay 24, 20170
god if i don't want to try (tw body horror?)PoetrywoundedBirds, collarbone cityMay 23, 20171
curve-balls (or, on having possible feelings for a friend)PoetryA Flame Colored Glowstick, i have a cold, dammitMay 23, 20170
Dreaming Of Something That Won't Really HappenMicrofictionrewby, missing the person who made my brain safeMay 23, 20171