Welcome to The (New) Slam

Brilliant creative writer people! Dedicated Slammers! First-time visitors! Welcome to The Slam. 

What's different? 

The Slam is transitioning from a closely curated forum where only select submissions are published to a more immediate, open and lively forum, where we welcome finished works as well as works in progress. With that model comes: 

- Daily content updates: Monday-Friday, daily updates of poetry, prose, and critiques from YOU, going live at the Slam
- Brilliant feedback from your fellow Slammers

What's the same? 

- Same incredible Slammables
- Same stellar community of thoughtful fellow writers, offering insightful feedback and warm support 

Thanks for joining us at The Slam. We can't wait to see what you create here! 

Yours truly, 

The Slam Admins

Tell us about your dream Slam! Email cicada@cricketmedia.com.  

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