The Slam: FAQs

Where’s my Slammable/critique? 
Don’t see your Slammable? Slam admins post Slammables once daily, Monday-Friday. Give it a day before you get worried! If you still don't see your Slammable, double-check our guidelines. Did you miss anything important? Still curious/confused? Feel free to check in with the Slam admins at!

What is Best of The Slam?
Every year, the January/February issue of Cicada prints some of the previous year's most exciting work in Best of The Slam. It's one of the highlights of our New Year! Keep your eyes peeled for the next issue, or pick up last year's January/February issue here.  

What is Cicada?
Cicada is a YA lit/art/comics magazine. We're on the lookout for beautiful, strange, smart, innovative, insightful, witty, and wonderful poetry, prose, comics, and other works of text and image. You can learn about our latest issue at, pick up a back issue by calling 1-800-821-0115, or check us out on FacebookTumblr, and Twitter. And why not submit to Cicada? Visit to see our guidelines! 

Who owns my work once it's posted? 
You do! Posting your work doesn't shift the ownership from you to us—you wrote it, you own it, and you're free to re-use it, edit it, or publish it somewhere else. When we post your work, we do acquire some rights, as outlined in our Terms of Use, but we don't assume ownership of the work. 

I found a poem/short story I love! Can I post it at The Slam?
If somebody else wrote it, then no, you can't! It's a common rule for online creative forums: we want to see your work and your work only. Posting a story, poem, or other creative work at The Slam is actually a legally binding assertion that you own it and that you agree to certain rules spelled out in our Acceptable Use Policy—so please, only share your own original works. 

Will you take down my Slammable/comment? 
Of course! Email us at with your user name, email address, and the URL of your Slammable/comment, and we'll be happy to remove it from the site.