The Slam: Slammables

The Nightmares

by Gracie, Fort Wayne, Indiana

They whisper and cry
Moan and groan
Tossing and turning
Wrapped in darkness
Eyes peering out
Narrow and yellowed
Shaded by dark lashes
Evil in every sense of the word.

These are my nightmares
Hiding beneath the covers
Waiting to strike
Reaching out cold hands
Ready to catch me
And to trap me
In their icy cold embrace
Until the dawn comes.
I’m afraid of the dark
Of the nightmares
The creatures lurking
Hiding in its shadows
Hearts as black as coal
And eyes the color
Of the yellow moon
That shines outside my window.

Don’t be afraid
They told me in a whisper
Bending over
Kissing me goodnight
Closing the door
Turning out the light
And leaving me
Alone in the darkness
As soon as the door shuts
The nightmares leap for me
Hands reaching out
Cold fingers extended
Faces marred and twisted
As they bare their yellow teeth
Mouths turned up
Leering at me.

And then I am theirs.


I love this poem! I particularly like the last sentence. The poem has a very nice flow, and I love the way you describe the eyes in the first stanza. Thanks for sharing!

critiqued by Fantasist, Indiana
Aug 31, 2012



Thank you!

critiqued by Gracie, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Sep 7, 2012

In the third stanza, I thought you were still talking about the nightmares, not the parents. It would be nice if you could make that clearer in future drafts. Using "they" when you were just talking about the nightmares is pretty confusing.

critiqued by madeline11, Oregon
Jul 9, 2013