The Slam: Slammables


by Lauren v, California

i drive straight into hurricanes

just to feel the thrill

something i’ve been longing for
, yet it is going to kill

me if i pursue it, but i’m not going to stop

for this beast provides adrenaline i simply cannot top

what is this twisted creature that i search for in the dark?

in whose back with a knife i plan to leave a mark?

it is a twisted demon, any one at all

all i want to do is make it stumble, make it fall

but, is the thrill only in the chase?

do i ever really want to meet the demon face to face?

will my diamond blade be strong and make a mark

in this hidden monster that i search for in the dark?

am i even looking right, is it clear to see

am i chasing it
or is it chasing me

will there be a day
when i can hide no more

when the sun doesn’t rise

and i have closed every door

and on this day of perpetual night

will we both draw our weapons

and begin to fight?

and if someone looked to the hills, would they see

the demon, the monster, sitting right beside me

and will we look each other in the eye

both filled with understanding

who will be first to cry?

as the battle begins

the final question is—
which one of us will win?


Author's Note: Metaphors because I'm just that sophisticated.