The Slam: Slammables

Deep Down

by KnitFeathers

Being depressed isn't being sad. When you're sad you ugly cry and hang onto happy memories like they will keep you afloat amongst your own inadequacy.

Depression is a weight that makes every thing you think ooze into your mind like pus. It robs you of all memory, along with motivation. You feel physically ill, and disgusted with yourself for feeling this way.

Sadness can arrest you for a time. But people are ready to help. Generally they can help too. It will lift eventually. Depression sits there telling you horrible things that glue the low feelings into every cell. You won’t just get better, and you don’t want to ever be better because you don’t feel like you deserve to.


As someone who struggles with depression, this piece is very relatable. You've captured some of the things I think and feel very well. 

critiqued by searchingatsea, A gas station in rural midwestern America
Jul 25, 2017