The Slam: Slammables


by X_of_coins, In the heart tree

I remember a smiling face

Goofy hand shakes

That seemed to never end

You made up a song just for me

Purely to ask how I was 

We climbed a hill

That was honestly a mountain

It was cold and getting dark but we made it

To that yellow box where I signed my name

You told me once that there were dwarves that lived in the ditch

I saw them with my very own eyes

I think

You told be there was a elf that lived in a hallow tree

I believed you and looked inside to see tiny tables and chairs

You could have told me that the sky was orange

That shooting stars we're apples falling from a tree

I would have believed you

I think... 

I still would


Author's Note: Grandfather's are such funny things