The Slam: Slammables

Your Undying Purpose

by GoChina

All I see,

Like busy bees,

Children working

Without a conscious,

Never realizing

Their undying purpose.


All I see

Are human beings,

With a thousand hands

Working without thought,

Afraid of being banned

From the things they were taught.


All I see

Are little machines,

With the clanking of their gears,

That do not blink nor think,

But thoreauly laugh,

Not because of their sad joy

But of their sweet pain.


They are homeless cubs

Who will never find

Their undying  purpose,

Not here, not there, not anywhere.


Nonetheless, my friend

Lend me your ears.

Nothing will change,

I guess being robotic is fun

Or did I get that wrong?


Then there are some,

Though very rare,

Shall always use,

The gifts they bear.


They are the ones,

Before they go

Who know what needs to be done.

They see with their heart,

Like the Little Prince who could.

They see what is essential;

They see what is good.


At last,

The only thing that matters,

Is the purpose you desire.