The Slam: Slammables

who we were

by anglefish, elsewhere

it wasn't hard

making me fall for you

we were playing with matches





we were never meant to be

beautiful things weren't made for me

there'll be no fairytale ending

someday you'll leave

someday I'll let go

but today we're holding on


in this realm of pretend

what's right is wrong

and what's true cannot be

but what we had was

something real

fantasy and reality came together

and then the world woke up...


people forget and memories fade

and today is not the day but

someday you'll wonder

was it just a dream

someday you'll let go

but I'll never regret who we were


Author's Note:


I have a love-hate relationship with texting.
(And yes, that was random.)


Thanks for reading :)



Interesting imagery. I really feel the challenges the narrator faces, but you softened the blow of some painful emotions with your style. It feels like a guide in the darkest of moments. I keep coming back to “what’s right is wrong” for some reason it feels like a flip from a saying or subconscious belief of mine, but it resonates. The things that are supposed to be most ‘right’ can be horribly wrong.

P.S. I feel you about texts… Why did we create this imperfectly perfect technology again?

critiqued by KnitFeathers
Jun 28, 2017