The Slam: Slammables


by woundedBirds, collarbone city

i remember reading about teenagers, love
hooding and hollering from open sunroofs
strobing confidently beneath mirror-flecked disco beats

fingerprints were swirling across unmarked thighs
scoring across my heart with hungry eyes

young and foolish, youre cavorting among mortals
(youre infinite, i know
but you throw up truths like defensive punches)

this is never what we were supposed to be:
here, visible in unapolagetic entirety


(we fell into the night

and i lost myself to you) 


Author's Note:

these rly popular poetry blogs keep liking my posts on tungle and i want 2 screm


anyways!! i gotta conquer anxiety and just DO THE THING so yall prepare for a FLOOD of critiques! i love all of you 



Again, beautiful. "you throw up truths like defensive punches" I just...I can't. Infinitely true.

critiqued by SwissHarpsichord, New York, I guess.
Jun 17, 2017

The way you use language in this is amazing. Beautiful imagery and beautiful poem. 

critiqued by searchingatsea, the quintessential gas station at night
Jul 12, 2017