The Slam: Slammables


by ImaginaryGirl TnT

Song on stone,

Each vibration strikes a symphony

through layers of rock,

each wave of motion

forming the pulsing baseline,

The earth dances to a song

only it can hear,

shaking out its limbs

in wild abandon,

Releasing the tension of the years

on the dance floor of lava.

It cares not for the tiny creatures

that crawl on its surface,

stomping its skin

with their inadequate feet,

And carving

with their tools,

a home in its flesh.

It cares not for these creatures

that drain its black blood

and drink it relentlessly,

That robs the graves of those who went before

and burns their fossilized remains


The earth moves, shakes

and destroys,

For this is its right,

It tosses the oceans into upheaval

to remind them who they live upon,

Gives release

to the red-hot sea that is it’s resting place,

Forcing it through age old cones

in a spectacular show of volcanic action.

The earth writhes to the baseline

of its self-made music,

Stretches and compresses

in frantic choreography,

Until it has expended the stress of the years

and have reminded those that

crawl over its face

that their home is alive

and makes for a precarious setting,

And then,

it settles back peacefully,

Content to rest

until it is time to dance again.


holy fuckening shit m'dude

i cant pick out a favorite line ok all of these are incredible
and the personification in here? holy hell. 

critiqued by woundedBirds, collarbone city
Jun 15, 2017