The Slam: Slammables

tv screen static

by woundedBirds, collarbone city

we're tangled up in front of the tv,

all careful hands and hearts and weight and words:  

im holding my breath, dear. 


i want to read your soft-gazing

fallacy-praising eyes

too unfortunate, too opaque


and im stuck translucently. 


Author's Note: ... so i watched the first four episodes of voltron while cuddled up
with a friend and im legally allowed to post abt it on tungle now 


oh my god i love that show

i really liked the lines about all careful hands and hearts and fallacy-praising eyes

critiqued by A Flame Colored Glowstick, nowhere interesting
Jun 13, 2017

this is so cute

critiqued by sound_thief, trying to find a pen
Jun 14, 2017