The Slam: Slammables

draw me in, twist me out

by woundedBirds, collarbone city

(speak to me in fervour, love: 

score my heart in two,

sternum to hip.)


if youre the sun then im the sea

and all that matters, love

is that you dip back in the west

to settle into my embrace

(how ever clearly radiant and blooming.)


and if not the ocean let me be your Icarus:

sacrificially tragic, wingbeats drawing me away.

(there was no need for wax -

draw me in, love, to the edge of the horizon) 


leave it to the gale-force breeze, dear

(if not for those dazed wanderings

the sun wouldnt have called)


and when you let me dance with you,

to dip beneath the crested seafoam deep,

filtered moonlight settles on your cheeks

and we're eternal. 


Author's Note: pike place in washington is home to the best fucking donuts on the face
od the earth ok guys if i could marry a donut for tax benefits I would 


this is really good! also, Holy Donut in portland maine is betteeerrrrr

critiqued by Asteria, outer space
Jun 13, 2017