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May/June 2015

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Ages 14+, teens and adults alike 

We accept General Submissions via Submittable


Cicada is a YA lit/comics magazine fascinated with the lyric and strange and committed to work that speaks to teens' truths. We publish poetry, realistic and genre fic, essay, and comics by adults and teens. (We are also inordinately fond of lit nerd humor and Viking jokes.) Our readers are smart and curious; submissions are invited but not required to engage young adult themes. 

Fav writers: Bennett Madison, Sarah McCarry, Leopoldine Core, Jose Olivarez, Sofia Samatar, Erica Lorraine Scheidt, David Levithan, Sherman Alexie, Hilary Smith, Nnedi Okorafor, Andrea Gibson, Daniel José Older, Malory Ortberg. @cicadamagazine / 

"There's room in the world for your dark weird truths." Associate editor Anna Neher on what Cicada wants.   



Call for Submissions: Ghosts

Ages 14+, teens and adults alike 

We accept Ghosts Submissions via Submittable


What haunts you? Cicada YA lit/comics magazine is looking for works on restless spirits, old-timey seances, supernatural visitations, and mortals possessed by shadowy pasts. Send us spine-shivering poetry, fic, essays, comics, and incantations. See details at 


Call for Creative Endeavors: Risk

Ages 14-23 

We accept Creative Endeavors entries via Submittable

“I know this is supposed to be the part where I go home.
“But what if I didn’t?”

—Hilary T. Smith, Wild Awake


Sometimes you ask yourself, “What if?” Sometimes you act on it. Send us poetry, art, and photography on risk! Contest opens April 1, 2015, and closes May 31, 2015. Visit our Submittable page to enter the contest! See official rules here. 



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