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September/October 2014

Contest: Call for Creative Endeavors: Bodies

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General Submission Guidelines

All ages

Cicada's on the lookout for the smartest, strangest, and most beautiful YA lit/art/comics around. Writers, artists, and comic artists of all ages: Visit the Cicada Submittable page to read our guidelines, create an account, and submit work!


Deadline: October 31, 2014

Cicada YA lit/comics magazine seeks submissions for an upcoming issue on Tricksters and Thieves. We’re on the lookout for tales of pirates, con artists, and trickster gods; explorations of glamour, enchantment, sleight of hand, and other crafts of illusion; and investigations of the slipperiness of the authentic self in a world of performances. We’re also interested in forms of creative appropriation: translation, fan fiction, retold tales, found art and poetry. 


Send us poetry, fic (genre/realistic), essay, humor, and comics on tricksters and thieves! Include "Tricksters and Thieves" in front of your submission's title to be considered.  


Call for Creative Endeavors: Bodies

Ages 14-23

Write an ode to your elbow, an aubade on athleticism; photograph lettered legs or design your dream tattoo. Send us poetry and art on (or drawn/inscribed upon!) bodies by September 30! Visit our Submittable page to set up an account and submit work. And check back November 1 to see the next Call for Creative Endeavors! 


"Monday Poem" and "Wednesday Poem" by Alicia Criswell. Images (c) 2014 by Cricket Media.