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March/April 2010

The Missing Moment

by Fredrick Zydek

It's that split second when you could have said
"no" but went along with the crowd; the chance
you had to step from the chaos into a sweeter
season but allowed fear to nudge you back into

the status quo. Dream tending is a difficult art.
They must take their terrible shape in the theatre
of the imagination, wait for the perfect moment,
then roar from the silence wearing a plethora

of logical explanations and all the primary colors.
These are moments that have a lot in common
with opportunity. Often they knock only once,
cast but a brief smile in our direction, then move

on. They are moments that make or break us.
They decide the shape our karma will take, fix
our moral compass, and determine who we will be
when the sun comes up the following morning.

© 2010 by Fredrick Zydek