In the Know: Writer Helps

It was a dark and stormy night. Uh ... let's try that again.

As the night fell the wind rose, and began to hoot under archways and roar amid the treetops in the valley below the town.... The night was as black as the grave; not a star, nor a glimmer of moonshine, slipped through the canopy of cloud. ("The Sire de Maletroit's Door" by Robert Louis Stevenson) Ah ... that's better.

For more advice on writing and submitting, read on....

Advice for Writers

Cicada's Bag of Writer's Tricks
A Handful of Tips from Cicada’s Bag of Writer’s Tricks

Web Resources for Writers

Lightning Bug

A lively site that guides writers through the creative process with cool links to authors’ blogs and more.

Other Places to Submit Work

Polyphony H.S.

Polyphony H.S. is a student-run national literary magazine for high-school writers.

The Claremont Review

The Claremont Review publishes poetry, fiction, and short plays by teen writers anywhere in the English-speaking world.

Noodle Tools

This site features a whole list of publications that accept student work.                                                                              NEWPAGES.COM features a Young Authors Guide with publications that accept student work. The site also includes a list of upcoming contests.